COMMUNITY CENTERS, INC. OF GREENWICH provides homework clubs, tutoring, after-school activities, and summer enrichment programs for kids; therapeutic counseling and supportive social groups for teens, seniors, special needs adults and families in crisis.


Homework Club

CCI has Homework Clubs four days per week at the Julian Curtiss School, the New Lebanon School, the International School at Dundee, and the Hamilton Avenue School.  Staff and volunteers provide homework assistance and academic encouragement. Staff develops relationships with the teachers; becomes advocates for other educational service needs; and assists parents in communicating with school personnel. Through these relationships children and parents are frequently introduced to and utilize our clinical services. Our immediate goal is to have 85% of homework assignments completed. Future goals are lower school drop-out rates, and lessening the achievement gap.

This structure is part of the out-of-school time component, which coordinates with our summer program, regular after-school programs, and school break activities.  Evidence-based research has shown that each of these is important in addressing the summer learning loss and the achievement gap. CCI has established strong relationships with the Board of Education, the school principals and its staff. Frequently, the teachers will act as volunteers and will give input into a child’s educational needs.

Tutoring Support

Tutoring is available to those students identified as needing extra help. It is conducted by a Social Worker and volunteers. Tutoring is done on a one-to-one basis and takes place both during the school year and the summer months. The tutor takes into consideration the emotional needs of the student as well as the academic requirements

Drop In Center

CCI staff supervises computer labs weekly, which are available for use by the youth and families, at each of the Greenwich family housing units – Wilbur Peck Court, Armstrong Court, and Adams Gardens. We also have computers available at CCI for supervised sessions.

Summer Program

The summer program is vital to our network of services and the safety net we provide for this often marginalized segment of Greenwich’s population. The program is an 8 week program held Monday-Friday from 9:45am to 4pm with the exception of four Thursdays being family trip days.

Prior to our summer program, CCI staff confers with the Board of Education staff in order to gear our summer reading program as closely as possible to the students’ needs. Special recognition is given for students who show continued effort and improvement.

Summer Program is free, and transportation is provided to and from the three housing complexes. We provide snack daily and lunch only for special activities.

The goal of our Summer Program is to provide a safe, fun-filled, and productive summer for youth who live in Greenwich public housing. This includes opportunities for recreation, new experiences in culture and the arts, and educational activities geared to lessen summer learning loss.

Special Needs Group:

This program serves young people and adults with developmental disabilities.  The program consists of three adult groups and one young adult group group, with an average of 13 participants per group.  These groups provide a consistent and safe environment where group members can socialize and discuss personal issues as needed.  Often individual group members will seek out counseling with a difficult situation.  Without the strong trusting relationship developed within the group this critical work will not be accomplished.

Senior Program

CCI’s Comprehensive Senior Program helps the elderly live independently and lead satisfying lives.  Our program is aimed at improving competence by providing stimulation, support and counseling. CCI has provides senior services to the following subsidized housing developments and assisted living facility:

  • Quarry Knoll (50 units and 50 residents)
  • Quarry Knoll II (40 units and 40 residents)
  • Agnes Morley Heights (150 units and 150 residents)
  • McKinney Terrace (51 units and 50 residents)
  • Parsonage Cottage (4o Units 40 residents)

Our services include weekly support groups, individual counseling, referral to community resources, shopping excursions and monthly day trips for all interested participants.  These activities provide the seniors with opportunities to gather and socialize at least once a week.  Without these outings, many of them would be very isolated.  In many cases, CCI provides the only means for this population to cope with the daily stresses associated with the aging process.

Citizenship & English Language Learning Programming:

Our Citizenship program provides preparation classes in English and Spanish for those residents who wish to become United States citizens.  These classes are offered on Sunday morning from 10:30am to 1:30pm.  Assistance, outside of class is also available for filing the necessary forms, arranging appointments, providing study materials, as well as providing transportation to New Haven for the ETS exam and to Hartford for the U.S. Citizenship exam.  This program is proud to have about ten to fifteen graduates per year; totaling more than 180 to date.

Our English Language Learning Programming/Cultural Exchange Group support those that live and/or work in Greenwich.  It provides bi-monthly ELL classes and a number of trips throughout the year. Assistance and instruction is provided for individuals to learn English and feel more comfortable with the language. The group members also look forward to social outings with one another, and exploring cultural and educational opportunities.  Along with the aforementioned opportunities, the workers are a source of guidance for these individuals, and as such, help them find the least expensive places to buy food and clothing

CCI also provides help for those Spanish-speaking individuals who live in the housing developments. They can experience difficulties communicating with the schools, courts, and other agencies because of language barriers.